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Meso ME

Plastic needles deliver active ingredients into the skin. These treatments have minimal trauma and down time.

To suit the needs of micropigmentation technicians, we have partnered and worked extensively with Ameia to tailor make these products.

One of the main concepts behind the development of Meso ME was how to solve the problem of conventional methods of skin rejuvenation that do not implement bigger particles deep enough into dermal layer. Meso ME cell boost substances penetrate right into the intersection between the epidermis and dermis. This provides maximum effect directly at the problem areas. Meso ME is a gentle skin needling concept suitable for most skin types and for clients who want minimal trauma and down time. As a result, redness dissipates within 1-2 hours. Using hyaluronic skin infusions and an 18 point plastic needle cartridge, you will be able to improve the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and improve skin texture and tone. As well as this, there is no need to use numbing cream due to minimal pain, which means better results.

Its recommended to have 4 treatments 5/7 days apart to commence and then just once a month.

If this Meso treatment has peaked your interest pleased don’t hesitate to ask any questions.

Semi Permanent Makeup

The first part of any semi-permanent makeup process is a consultation. Arrange a visit to our salon during which we will discuss in detail the look you want to achieve and what we would recommend for you. We will also address any questions you may have regarding the process. Once you are happy and we have an idea of the look you are aiming for, we draw the brows, lips or eyeliner on with a makeup pencil. We will then begin the tattoo process when you are completely happy with the look. Semi Permanent Makeup when applied professionally can be literally life changing.

What’s the difference between block, powdered and hair stroke?

A block is as it sounds, a solid application of colour that will mimic the effect of eyebrow pencil. Pigment is packed into the skin to get an even and long lasting result.

Hair stoke is an eyebrow tattoo technique whereby tiny lines are tattooed within the brow boarder to create a fuller looking but natural brow. This technique implants the least amount of pigment so is likely to fade the fastest but gives very natural results.

The powder brow is somewhere between the two, the technician may use hair strokes to build the foundation of the brow and then softly shade some colour through. this gives a beautifully soft look that is ideal for people who have lost their eyebrows or have very sparse brows.

Semi-permanent Makeup Price
Eyebrows  £250
Eyeliner top and bottom  £200
Eyeliner top or bottom  £125
Advanced eyeliner  £275
Lip blush  £250
Lip liner  £220
Full lip  £300
4-6 Week top up  £50
All Top up annually / Correction  From £75 – £125
Maintenance Price
Brow Colour Boost (within 6 months)  £75
Brow Colour Boost (within 12 months)  £100
Brow Colour Boost (within 18 months)  £150
Colour Boost (recommended annually)  From £75 – £125
Correction  From £125
Removal  £50

Training Courses

Nail teams training courses. Kent’s educator Jade brings Gemma lamberts nail courses to Kent.

Mistys nails and beauty is the place to start your career in nails or beauty. We offer a wide range of course. Our education team covers courses for beginners, as well as the continuous development of the professional. All our educators are highly qualified and have vast amount of experience within the industry.


Mistys nails and beauty offer the best nail and beauty care in a friendly and professional environment that is second to none. Whether you are seeking a simple nail treatment or something really special, we have a award winning nail technician with a wealth of experience to advise on what is best for you from

  • unique creative art,
  • quality acrylic nail extension,
  • gel polish,
  • luxury or basic pedicure and manicure treatments

customer service and quality of your nail treatment is of utmost importance to us. So why not come down and get pampered by those who really care at Mistys nails and beauty

Acrylic Nails

Services Basic includes Gel polish Classic – Gel and 1 nail per hand of art Part Artistic – Gel / Glitter and up to 3 nails of art Full Artistic – Gel / Glitter and up to 10 nails of art
Gel nails £25 £30 £35 £40
Overlays £32 £35 £40 £45
Dip system £30 £35 £40 £45
Strengthening Gel Polish £30
Poly Gel £35
Acrylic Full Set £35
Redesigns £35 £40 £45
Full set £35 £40 £45 £50
2 week Infill £28 £30 £35 £40
3 week Infill £32 £35 £40 £45
4 week Infill £35 £40 £45 £50
Pink & White £40 £45 £50 £60
Extreme shapes £60 £65 £70 £75
Swarovski Crystals Individual 50p Cluster £3 Full Nail £5
Burnish Glitter £5
Acrylic removal £12.5
Dip system removal and re-apply £33 £35 £40 £45
Acrylic removal and re-apply £40 £45 £50 £55
Gel removal and re-apply £30 £35 £40 £45
Acrylic removal & gel polish From £3 / nail

Hands & Feet

File & Paint  £16
IBX repair and protect  £10
Manicure  £22
Luxury manicure  £30
Pedicure  £24
Luxury pedicure  £32